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1 UNIX dedicated servers

Hosting is primarily done on dedicated servers because they provide better security, but all that can be done on a dedicated server can also be done on a VPS.

1.1 OpenBSD

We support hosting of custom OpenBSD installations for slower but much more robust services.

1.2 Debian GNU/Linux

A very easy system to deploy and administrate and without too many flaws, Debian is a pleasure to work with.

2. UNIX services

We focus on event driven asychronous servers for they provide better performances of network applications.

2.1 Nginx

Fast and secure HTTP web server providing epoll and kqueue backends, Nginx completely beats Apache in every benchmark.

2.2 Qmail

A very good read because it really shows the UNIX principles, Qmail is a lightweight and performant electronic mail server with excellent security.

2.3 Dovecot

IMAP server for electronic mail consultation.

3. Web applications

3.1 PHP

However criticized for security flaws, we believe PHP is still an option when designing web sites and support hosting PHP projects with specific needs.

3.2 Ruby on Rails

Ruby is a very nice and expressive programming language with a very short syntax for blocks which are wonderful.

Ruby on Rails is a web framework for Ruby which really helps programmers work together by defining a set of common rules, following DRY and convention over configuration principles.

3.3 Common Lisp

Hosting of Common Lisp programs using SBCL for web programming.

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