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Common Lisp package manager building from sources.

1 Features

Repo supports Git, Github and Subversion through /bin/sh .

For a list of installable Common Lisp projects, see repo.manifest .

Supported Common Lisp implementations : CLISP, SBCL.

2 Contributing


To submit new projects please submit a pull request on Github or send an e-mail to Thomas de Grivel <thoxdg@gmail.com> with your patch.

The manifest file is simply sorted in alphabetical order, let's keep it that way.

3 Proposed directions

Use UIOP:RUN-PROGRAM to portably invoke VCS commands. This includes rewriting $git and $svn to use RUN-PROGRAM directly for portability.

Review support for Git tags and branches.

Add support for BZR, CVS, Darcs and Mercurial. However few open-source project still rely on these tools as most of them switched to Git a few years ago, supporting them is trivial and would require testing.

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