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Programming in Common Lisp

1 Reference books

Common Lisp the Language, 2nd Edition, Guy L. Steele.
Full text : HTML.

Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming: Case Studies in Common Lisp, Peter Norvig.
Full text : Part 1 PDF, Part 2 PDF.

On Lisp, Paul Graham.
Full text : PDF.

2 Open-source projects in Common Lisp

Freely available open-source optimizing Common Lisp compilers are rather recent and the package manager is brand new. It looks like the open-source Common Lisp community is only starting now. There is SBCL supporting OpenBSD and Linux.

2.1 Repo

Repo is a Common Lisp package manager building from sources. Supports Git, Github and Subversion through /bin/sh.

2.2 Facts

Facts is a small in-memory graph database to bring infinitely refinable and extensible world representations to your program. It's mission is the triple indexing of triples of Lisp values for query and update. Facts aligns to the semantic web which does the same only with URLs.

2.3 Rails on Lisp

Take the best from Ruby on Rails, an agile web framework in Ruby, translated to Common Lisp.

2.4 Adams

UNIX system administrator written in Common Lisp. Adams produces commands for the shell (/bin/sh) for local or remote hosts using SSH in order to retrieve and modify a UNIX system status.

Currently it allows automated administration of users, groups and packages on Linux and OpenBSD without any additional requirement or installation on the target machines.

2.5 cffi-posix

Open-source project to portably and regularly expose the POSIX API to Common Lisp programs using CFFI.

2.6 cl-stream

Experimental project to replace Common Lisp streams with streams supporting any type of data and non-blocking semantics, following principles found in SICP.

2.7 Thot

HTTP server written in Common Lisp, currently tested on SBCL and CLISP, supports threads thanks to Bordeaux-threads. Thot uses cffi-posix to abstract sockets and files, and cl-stream to abstract streams.

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